5 steps to being authentic and successful

How we become our better selves

Who are the people that make you feel as if your heart would burst, your mind could soar to unchartered heights, that you would dare your best simply by virtue of having them around? We all have memories and actual people in our lives whose mere presence ignites the best of what we have to give, who naturally guide us to the spaces and places where our youth, our vigor, our boundless dreams gather to carry us towards action, reflection and the tenacity to manifest great achievements in our personal and professional lives. And what is the common denominator to those spirited and hearts whose presence we treasure so much? Authenticity. People like that are uncompromisingly, unreservedly themselves. That kind of authenticity is what sets true leaders, great friends, and unforgettable colleagues apart, it is the bedrock upon which success and breakthroughs are built. The question arises though: how did they get to where they are? What enables them to be authentic, to cross the great divide of what is considered de rigueur, socially acceptable, the common denominator, the average way of being which makes it safe to operate without offending anyone’s sensibilities, or political and social proclivities? Five steps towards being authentic. That’s all it takes if you ask me. Let’s explore!

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Asking for help: why we’ve lost the knack & how much there is to win

Yesterday while getting changed for my seven o’clock swim I heard a loud crash in the hallway outside the locker rooms. I rushed out to see what had happened and found five people standing around what later turned out to be an 84 year old woman. She had fallen on her side and was adamantly refusing any help being offered to her. She would not let anyone check or assist her, refused to make eye contact, and gave the general impression of being slightly in shock and embarrassed at all the the attention. As I was number six in the gaggle attending her misfortunes, I figured I should make myself scarce as I was taking up room and oxygen in the confined space where everyone was gathering.
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